Historic British Library turns page for Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016

Ewan Gaffney | October 28, 2016
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British Library in London plays host to UK launch of Global Entrepreneurship Week 

Aspiring UK entrepreneurs are invited to join with leaders of the UK enterprise community in this historic and symbolic setting to cut the ribbon on the world's biggest festival of entrepreneurship! 

In the last five years we've launched Global Entrepreneurship Week in all kinds of interesting places, up and down the country.  From a Premier League football stadium to a catering college, with the odd startup accelerator in between, it's been quite a ride. Each location frames and celebrates a different take on entrepreneurship and startup culture. Just like GEW.  In 2016, we're heading to what must be the  most historic and symbolic location so far. The British Library, the home of the world's information. Possibly the most famous library in the world, but also home to the Business and IP Centre, a institution that has launched hundreds of hig growth businesses. I hope you can join us. 

This year 160 countries are celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016 from November 14-20 with 10 million people taking part in 35,000 events, activities and competitions to shape the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Will you be one of them?



In the UK we're offering early bird entrepreneurs the chance to get their GEW week off to a flying start with a delicious breakfast in the world's most famous library

Expert staff from the Centre will be on hand to help you take the right steps to start up, protect and grow your business. For ambitious entrepreneurs with plans to scale-up, the Centre also offers £10,000 worth of free support through the Innovating for Growth programmed. The Centre is a truly national resource, sitting in the middle of a network of ten National Network Centres around the UK.

During the launch you will hear from a panel of exciting and dynamic entrepreneurs and a senior representative from government, the public and private sectors as they talk about the role of entrepreneurs in building promising new ventures—creating jobs, accelerating innovation and strengthening economic stability around the world. 

We’will also be joined by our select GEWUK Compass Partners. These specialist organisations are working with GEW throughout the campaign to provide expert thematic content in the areas our GEW partners told us were of key importance in 2015. Each GEW Compass Partner will  be represented at the launch ready to offer advice for the next stage of your entrepreneurial journey. If you want to start a social enterprise, launch a new product or understand how to scale your existing business we can help. Our aim is to send every participant away with a clear idea of the first steps they need to take in order to start or grow a business. 


Entrepreneurship is a journey, use your GE Compass

After the launch GEW participants will be invited to take a complementary tour of the new British Library exhibition: Mapping the 20th Century











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