In a new research article, I recently argued about the importance of promoting youth entrepreneurship in the region.

"The Changing Face of Entrepreneurship in ASEAN" is an excerpt from the publication ASEAN: From Vision to Reality, launched this May by Asia House and sponsored by AirAsia.

During the Startup Nations Summit in Talinn, Estonia, this November, the Summit will hold the EU Presidency, and as such it will be magnet for policymakers from the region.

This year, RKW Kompetenzzentrum (RKW Competence Center) is analyzing municipal and regional networks in the startup scene


U.S. Cities Claim Five of Top Ten Spots While Canadian, European and Asian Cities Claim 11 of Top 20 Spots

The Merriam-Webster dictionary declares that an “accelerator” could be a device for controlling speed, or an apparatus for imparting high velocities to charged particles, but makes no mention of st


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