The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship just announced the finalists for its World Series of Innovation—selecting 24 teams from 9 countries to compete for up to $10,000 and a range of prizes from

Macedonian students got a taste of what it takes to be a young entrepreneur during a Global Entrepreneurship Week screening of 

Remember the Washington Consensus? After years of false starts and dead ends in solving development challenges, new formulas now incorporate bold entrepreneurial components.

As federal governments around the world increasingly explore how national policy can help the country’s economy, it is important that we not lose sight of local efforts that have the potential to b

In a rare face-to-face conversation with President Barack Obama recently, I referenced some of the positive yet unintended consequences unleashed by his effort to align U.S.

I visited Ontario, Canada, last Friday to participate in the Waterloo Innovation Summit – one month ahead of the country’s federal elections – to see how entrepreneurs and policymakers are faring i

In the past five years, policymakers have shown ever-greater interest in finding ways to enable entrepreneurs as economic value creators.

Headliner data no longer impresses startup community leaders examining alternative policy levers for building city ecosystems for entrepreneurs.

Policymakers adopted messaging and narratives around the importance of enabling “access to financing” long before the more recent policy efforts to support new firm formation.